What to Expect from Therapy

Dr. Alder practices from an Interpersonal Process framework, which means that she thinks about mental health concerns as related to how someone interacts with others and how those interactions shape how we view problems. She combines this with some elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which utilizes concrete interventions to create change. Dr. Alder believes in working together with a client to develop attainable treatment goals.

Traditionally, each therapy session lasts approximately 45-55 minutes. The first session, however, is approximately 80 minutes and is primarily for information gathering about who you are and what you want from therapy. There is no additional charge to you for this first session. You and Dr. Alder will then develop therapeutic goals together over the first few sessions so that you have a clear idea of your progress and change.

Therapy is predominantly focused on talking through your problems, but it also frequently includes a goal or activity for you to complete on your own during the week, thus making therapy something you participate in outside of the office as well. Typically, therapy can last between one month to a year or more, depending on the concern. Initially, Dr. Alder sees clients weekly or twice a month, and then tapers off slowly as symptoms decrease. The ultimate goal of mental health therapy is to provide you with the framework for solving problems in the future on your own.